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I Scream for Ice Cream Leftovers 5K Prediction Run Race Report

Yesterday, I capped off an exhausting couple of days with a fun 5k run. The I Scream for Ice Cream Leftovers 5K Prediction Run is unlike traditional races. All of the bibs, t-shirts, and prizes are leftovers from other races. My t-shirts, for example, came from races held in 2010 and 2011. Instead of awarding prizes to the fastest runners, the race organizers give prizes to the runners who can most closely predict their finishing times. To make it more interesting, we weren’t allowed to wear watches or carry our cellphones (that also explains the lack of pictures in this post, sorry!).
When I registered for the race, I had to submit my expected completion time. Maybe it was because I registered before I had drunk enough coffee, but I guessed it would take me 28:00 (not fast by normal standards, but really fast for me). Another clue that I wasn’t fully awake when I registered for the race: I completely missed the fact that this was a trail run. Imagine my surprise when instead of running on paved surfaces, I was trying to avoid spraining my ankles on rocks and tree roots. I honestly have no clue where we ran – I simply looked at the ground the whole time and tried not to trip.
Needless to say, it took me longer than 28:00 to finish the race. I crossed the finish line in 29:36, which is actually a PW (“personal worst” in running lingo). At first, I was kind of disappointed in my time. After a bit of time, though, I’m actually quite pleased. It was my first trail run, and I had fun experiencing all different types of running surfaces (grass, gravel, sand, mud). My time was actually the 2nd fastest in my age group, and after the race, we got frozen yogurt!

Next up – the Greenville Triathlon on Sunday as part of a relay with my Dad!
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