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2014 Racing Season Recap

With the Rev3 Anderson race this past Sunday, my 2014 racing season has ended! That’s not to say that there won’t be any more races this year; rather, these races will lead up to my 2015 goals (more on that in a future post). This season has been filled with training, races, great experiences, some not-so-great experiences, and a lot of learning. I really hope I can take this season and build on it for future seasons!


While my training mileage might look low to people who have been competing in endurance events for years, I’m beyond impressed with the amount of mileage I was able to log in my first year of training (especially since I didn’t really start biking or swimming until about 5 months ago!).


Swim: 81857 yards (that’s 46.5 miles!)
Bike: 936.44 miles
Run: 296.44 miles


Over the course of the season, I competed in 4 5Ks, 1 10K, a half marathon, 4 sprint triathlons (1 as a relay), and 2 Olympic distance triathlons.

My collection of finisher’s medals!

5K Races
A Hero’s 5K (2/1) – 29:30 (9:29 pace)
St. Paddy’s Dash and Bash (3/15) – 29:02 (9:20 pace)
I Scream for Ice Cream Leftovers (8/7) – 29:37 (trail race; 9:31 pace)
Michelin 5K (8/16) – 27:27 (8:50 pace)


10K Races
Reedy River 10K (3/1) – 1:07:14 (10:49 pace)


Half Marathon
Mary Black Half Marathon (4/26) – 2:33:40 (11:43 pace)


Sprint Triathlons
Caine Halter (5/31) – 1:18:24
                – 300 yard swim – 7:31 (2:44/100M)
                – T1 – 2:38
                – 9 mile bike – 35:11 (15.35 mph)
                – T2 – 1:41
                – 5K run – 31:25  (10:06 pace)
Tri the Vineyard (6/29) – 2:16:03
                – 800 meter swim – 17:36 (2:12/100M)
                – T1 – 2:55
                – 16 mile bike – 1:07:20 (14.26 mph)
                – T2 – 1:46
                – 4 mile run – 46:23 (11:35 pace)
You Go Girl! (7/20) – 1:05:15
                – 250 yards – 6:06 (2:40/100M)
                – T1 – 1:32
                – 10 mile bike – 34:51 (17.22 mph)
                – T2 – 1:00
                – 2.5 mile run – 21:48 (8:43 pace)
Greenville Triathlon (8/10) – 2nd place relay (and my first time on the podium!)
                – 500 meter swim – 9:19 (1:51/100M)
                – 5K run – 26:48 (8:37 pace)


Olympic Triathlons
Nation’s Tri (9/7) – 2:30:42 (no swim)
                – T1: 2:57
                – 25 mile bike – 1:25:10 (17.6 mph)
                – T2 – 2:10
                – 10K run – 1:00:27 (9:43 pace)
Rev3 Anderson (10/12) – 3:17:00
                – .9 mile swim – 31:26 (2:10/100M)
                – T1 – 3:46
                – 25 mile bike – 1:37:23 (15.4 mph)
                – T2 – 1:36
                – 10K run – 1:02:48 (10:06 pace)


The Good
This season has been filled with some amazing experiences. Here’s my top 5:
1. Undoubtedly the best experience of this season was participating in the Nation’s Tri as part of Team in Training. I raised over $2700 for a great cause and met some amazing people along the way. The energy on the race course was unbelievable – thousands of spectators out cheering for all the athletes!


2. Challenging myself with new race distances and meeting those challenges. Before this year, I had done a couple of 5Ks, but nothing longer than that. My first goal for the season was to do a half marathon. Along the way, I added new goals: doing my first triathlon and finishing an Olympic distance triathlon. I felt so proud crossing the finish line of all of these races!

Loved the flowers from Judy and Dennis after completing my first half marathon!

3. Sharing moments with my family. One of the coolest experiences of this season was doing a relay with my dad – and to top it off we won second place!

Wine for the winners!

I also tackled the Watershed/Bakery ride and Paris Mountain for the first time – both times with my dad. I’m so lucky to have a dad to share these experiences with!

Yummy goodies await at the Saluda bakery!

Other memorable family moments were the bike ride with my Aunt Kate and Uncle Tom in Virginia, as well as the numerous pancakes and waffles Aunt Kate and Uncle Richard served me after my Sunday morning swims at Lake Hartwell!

Great ride in Virginia!

4. Meeting and training with other athletes. There’s no doubt that runners, cyclists, and triathletes are some of the kindest people! Through my swims, bikes, and runs with these more experienced triathletes, I learned so much, from how to choose races to how to stay calm in the water. None of these athletes ever showed frustration at having to slow down so I didn’t get dropped, and I got so much stronger by pushing to keep up with them.


5. Getting to spend so much time outside! One of my favorite runs this year was during a snow storm. I loved feeling the crunch of the snow underneath my feet and the snowflakes getting stuck to my eyelashes. Everything was so quiet and peaceful! During the summer months, I loved feeling the sun on my skin as I swam outside and the cool(ish) breeze on my arms as I rode my bike on a shaded road.


The Bad and the Ugly
Not all the training and racing experiences were great! Here’s my top 5 not-so-great experiences:
1. My first open water swim. This was absolutely horrible! I was convinced I was going to drown.
2. Angry geese. The geese by Oak Grove Lake are terrifying and attack unprovoked.
3. Snakes. I know snakes are not inherently bad, but they freak me out. Seeing even one snake on a bike ride or on a run is too many! I lost count of the number of copperheads and huge black snakes I saw this season.
4. Bike problems. I’m still an ignoramus when it comes to bikes. One thing I know now is that riding your bike for over 20 miles with the brakes rubbing your front wheel is not the recipe for a fun ride.
5. Weather. Riding your bike through a torrential downpour is also not fun!


It’s officially the off season, and I’m taking this week pretty much off. I’m recovering from the training and racing, and I’m gearing up for off season training. Over this week, I’ll be reflecting on my past successes and difficulties so I can finalize plans for next season. Can’t wait to share these plans with you!
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