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Sunday Seven

It’s been a while since I’ve had a minute to update my blog. For your reading enjoyment, here are seven triathlon related things I’ve done this past week.


1. Bakery Ride
Last Sunday, my dad and I met up with nine other people for a beautiful ride up the watershed to Saluda. The stops along the way gave us all time to look at the trees (no pretty leaves yet L) and take some pics. At the bakery, I had a delicious muffin and a coffee to warm up a bit!
2. Bike Street Sale
A chain of bike shops in the area recently announced they are going out of business. I scoped out the closing sale the other day and scored some great deals on some much needed gear.

Lights for my bike!

An awesome jacket! The sleeves attach and detach via a system of magnets!

A wind-proof base layer to keep me warm on chilly fall rides!

Paddles for swimming drills!

Can’t wait to try them out in the water!

No, I won’t wear socks with my fins in the pool!

So much great stuff! I’ve got my eyes on some other gear that I might go back and pick up – like the actual triathlon shoes and the black and pink compression socks.


3. Lactate threshold test
I also picked up a heart rate monitor for my Garmin watch this week. My training plan for the next few months calls for workouts in all sorts of different intensities, and I am not so good at distinguishing between all of them. Basically, I have a really slow speed, a speed I can hold for about 10 minutes, and an all-out effort. The heart rate monitor will hopefully help me figure out the whole pacing thing. But in order to get all of my heart rate zones set, I needed to do a lactate threshold test. This involved warming up for 10 minutes and then running as fast as I could for 30 minutes. Needless to say, this was not the most fun I’ve ever had on a run! Look for another post on this later in the week!


4. Swim training
This past week, I got in two swim workouts at the Y. The workouts are pretty short since I’m supposed to be concentrating on technique. I chose to focus on bilateral breathing for the next few weeks, and I’m happy to report that I breathed on both sides throughout both of these workouts. I can’t wait to incorporate my new paddles and fins into my workouts this week!


5. Bike training
In addition to the Saluda ride, I did two other bike workouts this week around the lake near my house. For the bike, I’m focusing on keeping my ankles loose so I can generate power throughout the whole pedal stroke. My right ankle is doing great! But my left ankle gets confused sometimes, especially when I increase the cadence. Because of this, my left ankle really didn’t like the high cadence drill I did last Monday – it basically involved pedaling as fast as possible in an easy gear for 30 seconds (without letting my butt bounce around on the saddle). It did, however, love the drill I did today – using a really hard gear for 30 seconds at a time.


6. Run training
I’m actually really enjoying running these days! The weather has been pretty ideal for running, and my workouts are short and sweet. I did the lactate threshold test and two other run workouts this week. Today, I got to take my new shoes out for a spin. They’re super comfy, and, as I found out when I was doing a high knees drill, the toes are really springy.

Love the new shoes!

7. Strength training
I did two strength training workouts this week – oops, didn’t get around to doing the third one that was on my schedule. I found a good variety of exercises to do, and I have some other that I want to add to the routine in the next few weeks. Maybe by next summer I’ll actually have a six pack!
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