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Off-Season Training Week 2 Recap

Last week was the second week of actual off-season training. Here’s a rundown of what I did training wise:


Swim: 2 workouts, 3100 yards total
Bike: 3 workouts, 54.1 miles (I officially passed the 1000 mile mark this week!)
Run: 3 workouts, 10.5 miles
Strength training: 2 workouts
Total time spent training: 6 hours 53 minutes


All in all, that was a pretty good week training wise, especially since I got to try out some of my new gear. I loved playing with my new swimming fins and paddles!


I even got to wear my new cold weather cycling gear! See, we got a little bit of snow on Friday night/Saturday morning.
While the snow didn’t stick around, it brought some chilly weather and LOTS of wind. So much so that I had to do my Saturday workouts inside at the gym L Sunday, however, Dad and I braved the weather and went for a nice ride out near Michelin. My windproof base layer and cycling jacket really came in handy!
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