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Off-Season Triathlon Training Week 3 Recap

Week 3 of my off-season triathlon training is officially complete. All in all, it was a pretty good week. Here’s how it played out:


Monday: Run around the lake near my house
Tuesday: Painful bike lactate threshold test at the Y
Wednesday: Warm up run on the treadmill, strength training, pool swim. I had to cut the swim a bit short – the water was SOOOO cold, I shivered throughout the workout. Capped off the day with some quality time with my foam roller.
Thursday: Off
Friday: Swim at the Y at lunch; evening run and strength training
Saturday: Longish run around the lake near my house; That evening, I spent some time volunteering at an ultramarathon at Paris Mountain State Park. Met some amazing people!
Sunday: Bike ride with Dad, complete with a stop at Panera


I managed to get in all of my scheduled workouts except for one strength training workout. That seems to be a pattern! This week, I’ll see if I can get all three of these sessions done!


Weekly totals:
Swim: 2900 yards
Bike: 42 miles
Run: 12.2 miles
Time spent training: 6 hours 14 minutes


I’m loving off-season triathlon training so far. How’s your off-season going?
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