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SwimSpray Review

A few weeks ago, I was researching something, anything that would help me take care of the chlorine problem in my hair. Swimming a couple of times a week in a chlorine pool had made my hair kind of icky. There was this persistent film that no amount of shampooing could get rid of.

My chlorine problems went deeper than just the residue on my hair. I normally swim on my lunch break, and I would show up to teach my afternoon classes smelling like a pool. I would also spend all evening scratching my dry, chlorine-irritated skin.

If you’re a swimmer or triathlete who swims in a chlorine pool, you definitely know about all of these problems! As I was doing my research, I came across a lot of different shampoos and conditioners designed to get rid of chlorine. I also saw a unique product called SwimSpray, and I was lucky enough to get the chance to try out this product and write up my SwimSpray review.


SwimSpray is really easy to use. Basically, after you’re done with your workout, rinse your hair and skin in the shower. Then, spray the SwimSpray on your hair and skin. The instructions recommend using 20-30 sprays. You can then use your normal shampoo/conditioner and soap.

The first time I used SwimSpray, I immediately noticed a difference in how my shampoo worked. Without SwimSpray, I would have to use a TON of shampoo to get it to lather properly. Now, I can use a normal amount of shampoo!

According to the company’s website, SwimSpray uses Vitamin C technology to break the bond between the chlorine and your hair and skin. I don’t know exactly how it works; I just now that this spray does exactly what it says it will do!


1. Works effectively.

2. No smell – either from the chlorine or from the product.

3. Tucks easily into your swim bag.

4. Reasonable price – especially since you’ll be able to use less of your post-swim shampoo.

5. It’s 100% natural and sulfate free!

6. It’s safe and gentle. If you have kids who swim, they can use the SwimSpray as well!



photo 2 (2)

No more chlorine film! If only I could get rid of my goggle marks!


*Disclaimer: SwimSpray graciously provided me with a sample of this product in exchange for my honest review of the product.

What’s your favorite post-swim product?

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  • Hi Liz,

    Sounds like you really should try my sports moisturiser designed for swimmers. I design and make it myself, full of vitamins and anti oxidants, no nasties. I’ve had amazing feedback. Let me know if you’d like to. Ali x

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