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TrainingPeaks Swim TSS

A while back, I wrote about my experiences with lactate threshold testing on the bike and for the run. While I had many reasons for doing these low-tech tests, my primary reason was so that I could get good data for my TrainingPeaks Performance Manager Chart. This chart shows how you’re progressing with your training and how well you should, theoretically, be recovering.

With the information from my lactate threshold testing, I’m getting good data from my bike rides and runs (the data is even better when I wear my heart rate monitor). The swim data, however, isn’t so great, and it’s not accurately considering the intensity and duration of my swims.

swim data


This was a swim I did a few weeks ago. Training Peaks just assigned a Training Stress Score (sTSS) of .6 for this workout.

bike data


A bike ride, however, would give me a TSS of 55.6. Granted the bike ride was longer and more intense, but it wasn’t THAT much more difficult. The TrainingPeaks Swim TSS just wasn’t working like I wanted it to.

With a little research, I found out that the problem was me. I needed to do 1000-yard swim time trial to find my average pace for 100 yards. By entering this number into my Training Peaks settings, the app can calculate a more accurate TSS for all of my swim workouts.

So, today I hit the pool for my time trial. Those of you who read my blog know that I DESPISE getting out of breath in the water. There’s just something about sticking my head under water when I need oxygen that I just haven’t gotten used to. If it’s for 25 or 50 yards, I can deal with it fairly well, but not for anything longer than that!

But, I put on my big girl panties (not literally ’cause that would just be weird) and got the time trial done.

photo 2 (2)

My “not amused” face, complete with raccoon eyes from my goggles

photo 1 (2)

Done! Luckily, my trusty Garmin counts laps for me.

photo 3 (2)

I’m pretty sure that my Dolfin Uglies suit helped. I actually feel like a swimmer when I wear it 🙂




Then, I plugged the info into Training Peaks to establish my pace zones.

swim zones

All I had to do was plug in my test results. Training Peaks did all the other calculations.

And then I plugged in my workout into my Training Peaks calendar.

swim data 2



Finally! My TSS data is accurately representing the effort in my swims!

Now, I just need to work on getting faster…

Have you been swimming recently? What helps you have a great workout in the pool?

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