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Week 6 Training Update – Asheville Half and Raleigh 70.3

Last week was one of those training weeks that I’m glad to say goodbye to. My Training Peaks calendar shows so many red and yellow boxes! Not good 🙁 But not all of my week 6 training for the Asheville Half Marathon and Raleigh 70.3 was bad. Some of the workouts went really well, and some of them taught me some valuable information. Here’s my training update:

Monday: planned day off

Tuesday: running speed work, including 6×400 repeats @ 2:04. I love this workout – it’s challenging but doable (even when I have to do the last repeat on a slight uphill and into the wind). Plus, it was warm enough to wear shorts and a tank top with arm warmers!


That’s my attempt at a smile after finishing a good workout!

Wednesday: 950 yard swim, had to cut short because of work…

Thursday: unplanned off day

Friday: short, easy run

Saturday: group bike ride with Team Vive. We met at the zoo and rode through Greenville. We got on the Swamp Rabbit and followed it to the end. Then, we went up Tubbs Mountain and back to TR, where we stopped for a snack at Tandem before following the trail back to Greenville. This was a great ride!

photo 1

Regrouping at Tubbs Mountain.

photo 1 (1)

My snack at Tandem – a cappuccino and a banana nutella crepe!


I’m not the most confident person in the world on the bike, particularly when going downhill. There was one girl in the group who was very good on the downhills. Watching her descend, I learned some valuable tips!


Sunday: run at Paris Mountain State Park. I met up with some peeps at Paris Mountain for my first run up there. We did a loop that took us down on some trails and then back up a road x 2. The trail part was super fun! But coming back up was tough!

photo 3 (1)

It was sunny but chilly on Paris Mountain! That road just keeps winding up and up and up…

With just 4 weeks til the Asheville Half Marathon and then the Altamont Mountain Goat Relay in April, I’ve got to get some hill training in!

Here are my weekly totals:

Swim: 950 yards (yikes!)

Bike: 34.9 miles (double yikes!)

Run: 12.4 miles (triple yikes!)


So, with this rather pathetic update, I’m off to the pool before the snowstorm hits and closes all of our roads!

How did your week of training go?




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  • Looks like a fun week of training! I’m sure it was nice to wear shorts and a tank top. I went on a bike ride this weekend at a state park, too, but in Texas. I rode part of the course where I had run a half marathon the day before – a fun ride, but a little hilly for a recovery ride!

    • Thanks Tina! It’ll be a while before I get to wear shorts and a tank top again! I might even have to break down and run on the dreadmill later this week 🙁

  • My week of training was just, meh….Had an 8 miler that became a 4 miler and a 16 miler on the treadmill which was SO hard. But, no use crying over spilled milk, time to look ahead to this week!! Have a great week!

    • Thanks Sue! Great attitude! I can’t believe you did 16 on the treadmill – I’m in awe.

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