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What I Did for Spring Break

This past week was my spring break, and I loved every minute of it. It wasn’t relaxing, per se, but it was filled with some great experiences!

On Monday, I took my bike over to Cycle Haus, a new bicycle shop in Simpsonville. Cycle Haus is generously sponsoring A Ride to Remember 2015, so I wanted to support them. I’d also heard wonderful things about Cliff and Sebastien; they have both done some great work for my dad and other members of Team Vive. In particular, I wanted to see what Cliff had to say about my bike fit. Cliff worked his magic, raising my seat about an inch, moving it back another inch, swapping out my stem for a different one. My bike feels completely different now, but it a good way. It’s much more comfortable, and I feel like I’m working more efficiently.

On Wednesday, my dad and I went for a bike ride. It’s been ages since I’ve ridden with my dad, and I convinced him to tackle a tough workout with me.

bike with dad

We loaded the bikes on dad’s car and headed for some new-to-us country roads. It was a tough 35 mile workout, but so much fun!

On Saturday, I joined Team Vive for a 60 mile bike ride (my longest ride ever!). We left from Cycle Haus and rode through Simpsonville, Woodruff, Grey Court, and Fountain Inn. The official route was 50 miles, but we kind of got lost a couple of times. Our meanderings just gave us a chance to enjoy the scenery! Some of the group headed back to Cycle Haus after 55 miles, but I really wanted to get a full 60 done. Thankfully, Wally, Lewis, Brenda, and Claire agreed to join me on the last few miles.

photo (10)


Sunday was race day! I’ll write a full race report in the next few days, so for right now I’ll just say that the inaugural Altamont Marathon/Half-Marathon/Mountain Goat Relay/5K was great!

After the race, I drove out to Lake Hartwell for my first open water swim of the season (and my first open water freak out of the season).

photo 1 (4)


The water was so cold! It was like taking an ice bath, and it was not comfortable to put your face in the water and swim. After about 200 yards, I swam to the shore and waited for the others. Our wonderful kayakers offered to tow me back in, but I put my proverbial big-girl panties on and swam back myself.

Those were the real highlights of my spring break. There were also some other swims and runs, some naps, some good food. I, of course, had to celebrate National Beer Day with one of these:

national beer day


And now, it’s Monday morning and time to head back to work. Boo!

How was your week? Any great workouts or races?

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  • Lewis

    You were one busy girl! I’m in awe of your drive and determination! Keep up the good work?/play?/fun?/all of the above?

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